Auge um Auge mit den roten Elefanten von 

Tsavo Ost

Mara Explorer Heritage Hotels, Kenia

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Simply Stunning

The Masai Mara is world famous for its black-maned lions and the annual migration of the wildebeest, listed as one of the eight natural wonders of the modern world. Set in this wild milieu, is the ultimate getaway, the Mara Explorer.

The luxury canvas getaway poses on its own private peninsula with the Talek meandering around it. Pods of hippos lounge in the muddy waters during the day and it’s not uncommon to see the occasional crocodile sunning itself on the sandy beaches edging the riverbanks.

Just as the name implies, Mara Explorer is for those who want to explore the wild tapestry of the Mara. There’s the Rhino Ridge, the Topi Plains and the lifeline of the wild paradise, the Mara River. The 1,510 square kilometer reserve will keep you enchanted with its rich plethora of wild flora and fauna.

Children below the age of 12 years are not allowed in the tented camp making it ideal for couples or parents who want quite time and of course for honeymooners to celebrate one of life’s most beautiful moments.

The Luxury Tents

With only ten luxurious tents on the peninsula, each tent opens to the river below with the stunning spread of the savanna. This superb location makes for wonderful game-watching from the comfort of your bed, bath or verandah. It’s best not to try impersonating Tarzan here for the resident hippos and crocodiles like their privacy too.

Earth pathways lead to your tents through the natural flora, each spaciously apart for complete privacy. Borrowing a leaf – or more practically a spear – from the Maasai, guests can put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the path for complete privacy.

With the private luxury afforded, soaking in a bath-tub on the open deck with uninterrupted views of the river and the savanna is truly for the ethereal senses – whether day or night with the evening soak offering a dazzling display of stars in the sky. It gives a new meaning to stargazing. Otherwise, there’s always the shower inside.

Restaurant & Lounge

The dining area shares the deck with the lounge and features an exclusive menu of the freshest home produce from the kitchen garden complimented with a gastronomical journey of foods – succulent meats and tangy fish; delicious vegetarian dishes and refreshing salads; a wicked selection of deserts followed by a variety of cheeses.

If you prefer your own menu, all you have to do is inform the management well in advance.

Fashioned along the days of big game safaris, where no creature comfort was spared to make wild living beautiful, the lounge is a sophisticated mix of ethnic African décor and classic pieces. African masks and sculptures grace the spacious lounge with comfortable sofas and divans for you to relax.

Try a hand at the ancient game of bao played across the continent or relax by the bar and try the cocktails specially concocted for the Mara experience, while chatting with friends or making new friends.

Otherwise simply snuggle up on an easy chair to browse through the coffee table books and wildlife magazines as the river below continues its journey to meet the Mara and eventually Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake and the world’s second largest freshwater lake. At night a beautiful camp fire is lit on the deck drawing everybody to its warmth.

I Do’ Weeding

Take your vows in some of the world’s most spectacular wild country within earshot of the elephant’s trumpet or a lion’s roar. You can choose a traditional wedding according to your customs, or dress in the local finery of the indigenous people such as the Maasai. Everything from the smallest detail can be arranged – from the vows to the celebration party for family and friends – all you have to do is present your wish list – for your wedding in Africa.

Standard wedding – US$1,750
• Local legal fees (Legal requirements)
• Registrars/ministers fees
• Marriage licence and certificate
• Wedding ceremony
• Wedding co-coordinator
• Decorated location selected by the couple
• Bouquet for bride
• Button hole
• Bottle of sparkling wine(Moetet Chandon)
• Wedding cake
• Best man/maid as witness if required.

Optional extras at a cost:
• Maasai Dancers and Guard of Honour – US$ 160
• Complete Maasai wedding attire for bride & groom plus necklace and ornaments – US$ 350
• Champagne (per bottle) – US$ 150

We have different locations from which the couple can choose to host their ceremony:
• Hippo pool
• Lounge observation tower
• Masai Manyatta
• Sundowner site


Game Drives
Three game drives everyday in the reserve – the early morning from 6 am to 9 am; the midmorning after breakfast and finally the late afternoon from 3.30 pm returning to camp at sunset. Or you can indulge in a full day game drive to the Mara River with a packed picnic breakfast and/or lunch. kindly view the month by month activities highlights from the wildlife section as you plan your visit with us.

Bush Dinner & Bush Breakfast
Dinning al-fresco in the Mara is exciting whether by the river’s edge with hippos grunting below or in the plains with unlimited views of the big game country. You have a choice of a bush breakfast or dinner, which means that after your early morning or late evening game drive you can continue with the Mara experience by dining out.

No creature comforts are spared as you are welcomed with hot towels to refresh yourself and a nice cold drink from where you are shown to your table in the wilds of Africa to make for an unforgettable African dining experience.

For a whole day on the plains, sumptuous picnics can be packed, to enjoy under the shade of a solitary tree or by the river – leave it to your driver-guide to find the best spot to have relaxed midday meal in the Mara.

Photographic Safari (upon request)
Led by our trained guides, some of whom are active photographers themselves we are able so ensure that your safari goes beyond your expectation. The 4×4 safari jeeps are specially modified to allow for more legroom and roof racks open for the best game viewing and photography, with accessories such as beanbag mounts for cameras available upon request. The vehicles are also fitted with mini-bars for cold beverages to ensure your comfort. kindly view the month by month activities highlights from the wildlife section as you plan you visit with us.

Instead of meeting at the bar for a drink, why not meet somewhere in the Mara for a sundowner where you can sip a cocktail by the campfire and watch the sun melt in the horizon. Evenings in the Mara come alive with the night animals like the bat-eared fox, the owls and the big cats like the lion and the leopard stirring to hunt under the cover of darkness. You simply cannot miss to drink a toast to Africa’s incredible diversity of wildlife.

Nature walks
A two-hour nature walk with our Maasai naturalist will see you identify more than 30 species of plants, spot a variety of birds and pick up some survival tips like knowing how to behave in the presence of wild animals.

Cultural Visits
Guests at Mara Intrepids can visit the Maasai manyattas or kraals where a local Maasai guide will give you an intriguing account of the Maasai people and the traditions that have stood the test of time and still prevail on the plains.

Star Gazing
Take a detailed tour of the African sky with our expert guides at Mara Intrepids. The Equator slices Kenya almost in half making it one of the very few places in the whole world where you can observe both the northern and southern hemisphere skies from one location. more on star gazing with Heritage

A visit to the Masai Mara isn’t only about seeing the “Big 5”, the game reserve also boasts a bird list of over 450 species. These range from the large and highly conspicuous Common Ostrich, to the small (but still conspicuous) Cardinal Quelea. A bird walk is a must for every bird lover or simply someone curious to see the rich profusion of birds, keen birders can record more than a hundred species in a day. more on birding with Heritage.

Other excursions available at the camp upon request Balloon Safari|Trip to Mfangano Island