Auge um Auge mit den roten Elefanten von 

Tsavo Ost

Lofty the beginning

Do you recongnise yourself, did you travel with Lofty in early 70ties… and
where there when all started??

If not here some pictures, Enjoy

Mix from 1970’s and 1980’s ……

ITB in Berlin mid 80’s

Do you rember the old Hunters Steak bar, what a pitty now it is closed
(but we have the Hunters Steak House in Mkomani now, same owner/Cook Heinz Riegger) Sadly also the Hunters Steak House in Mkomani was closed what remains is a great memory.                                                             

Robinson Island 1988

some frinds gave as a thank you this book with some family pics

Beate Book 1989

Mara Trip 1989

Robinson Island 1990

Turkana Trip 1990

Marriage in1992

Mara 2004

Nyangoma Bondo 2010