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Health & Safety

  • In Case of any Emergency Dial 999 for the ambulance and fire and police departments.
  • It is a must for all our visitors to Kenya to have their international Medical and travel Insurance in Place. We request for the Policy number and Emergency number.
  • On Request we do insure with flying Doctors, Amref, this Insurance only covers for the Air Ambulance to the next recommended Hospital and first aid while on the Air Ambulance.
  • As we are Members with KATO (Kenya Association of Tour Operators) Member Number FE/637 and we are Bonded under the KATO Bonded scheme
  • We fall under the Umbrella of the KTF. KTF runs a safety center and has 24 Hours manned Call Center, We are included into their What’s app Groups.
  • The 24/7 KTF Helpline is +25420604767
  • For travel to Kenya, Covit 19 Vaccination, min 2 Doses are a requirement to enter the Country. For other vaccination requirements contact your vaccination center, they will be able to advise.
  • As you enter a Malaria Area, it is good to consult you doctor on what kind of medication to take. Also ensure you carry some Replicant like Autan or similar, for you use in the afternoon, early evening.
  • Ask your Doc on your  Safari Medical Kit as he knows what you need, or can use in case of anything
  • But the lodges have medical staff and Doctors on call in case of anything
  • In the afternoon wear long sleeved light Cotton Cloth, Trouthers, as Kenyas sun is very powerful
  • Wear Hats, ultra-violet Clothing to protect yourself against sun burn and sun stroke
  • Always ensure, you have valid Tetanus Vaccination. 
  • Do not enter waters, you are not sure if they are clean and safe.
  • Do not try to eat fruits or Vegetables, you do not know and you have not confirmed that they are safe. 
  • Do not eat anything which are Protected, endangered.
  • Do not buy any shells or coral or any endangered species, In Kenya its illegal to sell any product  made from wild animals including hides, skins, horns or tusks any sort of Plants
  • Ensure you carry copies of your passport and Visa with you, most Hotels, Lodges need original Passports
  • Keep all for you important numbers with you
  • Keep your valuable Jewellery safely back at Home
  • Do not leave your Handbag, Luggage or Camera Equipment or other valuable in Public places un guided
  • Just common sense in case of any situation