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Marriages in Kenya

heiraten_in_kenia_03Heiraten in Kenia

Marriages in Kenya
Celebrate your Dream Marriage inKenya. To Marry in Kenya is very Exotic and can be arranged on Land or on the Water or in a Balloon or where would you like to be married???

There is a big number of romantic or adventures Places, Like a small Island, on the beach or on Lamu Island,In the African bush or on the Equator in the famous Mt. Kenya Safari Club, on board of an Arab Dhow with a view to Mombasa Old town or in the City Nairobi. Or what Place you choose.

Here is a selection of remembered Places for your Dream Marriage:
Marriage on Chale Island, South Coast Kenya
Marriage at the Travelers Beach Hotel, North Coast Kenya
Marriage at the Lamu Palace Hotel, Lamu Island, Kenya
Marriage at the Norfork Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya Marriage at the Mt. Kenya Safari Club, Nanyuki Equator
Marriage on the Tamarind Dhow, Mombasa, Kenya
Marriage at the Kisimani House, Lamu Island, Kenya
Marriage at the Mara Safari Club, Masai Mara, Kenya
Marriage at the Governors Camp, Masai Mara, Kenya

Marriage on Chale Island, South Coast, Kenya

Chale Island is a small Island aprox. 12 Km south to Diani Beach. The Island is a reserve with animals, lots of Birds, Termal springs and salt lakes inside the Island. The luxuries Tends and Apartments are furnished with African and Arabic antiques. They have a combo Sitting, Bedroom and Bathroom (Toilet & Shower). From the big Veranda from the Tends you have a very good Sea view. On the white beach is a Beach bar and the main Restaurant with a Makuti Roof. Your marriage on the Marriage Cliff is a dream of a lifetime.

Marriage at the Travelers Beach Hotel, North Coast, Kenya

White Sand, small waves from the Indian Ocean and lots of Palm Trees are the back ground for a remembered Marriage. The Travelers Beach Hotel with its Tropical Holiday atmosphere is the right back up for your marriage. Travelers Beach hotel at the North Coast of Mombasa, half an Hour drive from Mombasa is the right Place for a marriage. All rooms have an air conditioner, Balcon, Satellite TV, Telephone and a Safe. There are six Restaurants in the Hotel, one with Italian Kitchen and one with Indian Kitchen, 4 Swimming Pools, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Massage, Tennis court and water sports.

Marriage at the Lamu Palace, Lamu Island, Kenya

The Lamu Palace is built in a traditional Arabic style. It is not just a Hotel, but it is part of the old Town of Lamu. It is just 200 meter from Lamu port and is direct on the waterfront.
Down on the road is the whole day a lot of activity: Ladies in colorful Dresses, Wheelbarrow, Donkey trail, children who play, and goats fighting with Donkeys.
The real Lamu is just outside the Hotel. The Lamu Palace is expecting you with 20 Double rooms and three suites with hand made Lamu Furniture, Shower, WC and some rooms with AC. The good Kitchen is not only serving International Food, also you can try the local dishes with lots of fresh fish and See food.
To be married in these beautiful surroundings will be a highlight in your life.

Marriage at the Norfork Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

Would you like to return to the colonial times of Kenya, like “Out of Africa from Karen Blixen?? One of the oldest Hotels in Nairobi the Norfork Hotel is the right place to be married, if you want to make your dream come true.The Hotel was open in the year 1904 and was the meeting point for new comers, Business people and Government Employees.Hunters started form here there Hunting Safaris with Aristocrats and Adventures People who wanted to explore the little known country. The Hotel was an Island of zivilisation in the otherwise wild country at that time,Till today the Hotel is because of it very good service and tasty kitchen a member of the Leading Hotels of the world.

Marriage at the Mount Kenya Safari Club, Nanyuki, Equator

The Mount Kenya Safari Club, with its mixing of Romance, History and Landscape is a Kenyan Institution. The Place on a small Hill direct on the Equator with a view on the Mount Kenya.Is overwhelming. The Main building is white in its green surroundings and wood in front of the Mount Kenya.The club was opened 1959 from the famous American Actor William Holden and the history of the club is very colorful and exiting as his members who is who in the aristocratic and the American jet set.If you like to celebrate a Marriage in Style and in fantastic surroundings is the club the right place for you.

Marriage on the Tamarind Dhow, Mombasa, Kenya

Would you like to be married on a Arab Dhow, in front of theHistoric old town of Mombasa?? The Tamarind Dhow will makeYour marriage day to an unforgettable day.Dhows are the oldest form of sailing boats. With their sails they are the best way of transporting goods. They are using the passat winds to sail from November to April as Kaskasi to south andThe rest of the year as Kusi to north.The Tamarind Dhows Babulkher and Nawalikher are two of the biggest Jahazis in Kenya. They have been built the traditional way without any modern machines.

Marriage at the Mombasa Serena Beach Hotel, North Coast, Kenya

On a white beach, in a middle of a beautiful tropical Garden with lots of Bougainvilleas, Palm trees and nice greens.This Hotel gives you a very high standard of service and food. It is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World.Mombasa Serena Beach Hotel has been build with local Materiel like an Arab village from the 13th century. The furniture is in the same way. The service is excellent.There are lots of Water sports and other sports on offer.

Marriage in the Kisimani House, Lamu Island, Kenya

Lamu is a world on its own. Surround from the Sea, to small and congested to allow Cars. Lamu has maintained its lifestyle like it must have been before on the whole Kenyan Coast.The beautiful old Houses with their 2-3 meter thick walls made from coral stones do not have rooms but a number of alcoves. The Houses having a lot of flower decoration and show a culture who knew running water, toilets and a good ventilation of the houses, at a time when Europe was still much far behind this culture. Kisimani House is in the small village called shela on Lamu. It is build like a fort and is furnished in a Swahili style. There are for bedrooms with bathroom, several single beds and a big open air veranda where you have also a place to take your meals. The first and the second Floor of the Building have a fantastic view on the open sea and the living of Shela on the other side.It is like the tale of 1001 night has come true.

Marriage at the Mara Safari Club, Masai Mara, Kenya

The Mara Safari Club is on the Mara River near to the Aitong Hills within the Ol-Choro Oiroua Conversation Area, on theBorder of the Masai Mara National Reserve.All Tends have a view to the Mara River, with a Bath room, hot and cold water Shower. Big Beds and good Veranda. The main Building is with Lounge Bar and Restaurant and is partly above the skirts of the Mara River Build.The Lunch is served around the pool.The game drives are together with a nature specialist and you are taken around in a four wheel drive. If you want to be married in the African bush, between the wild animals and the proud Masai People is the Masai Mara and the Mara Safari Club the right place.

Marriage at the Governors Camp, Masai Mara, Kenya

The Governors Camp is offering you the luxury you are looking for and still you experience the adventure of a Safari camp.Your marriage as part of the Safari adventure. Between you and the wild animals only the canvas of the Tend. Relax under a hot shower. Enjoy the ice cold drinks, the good food and the high standard of service. Many KM between you and the civilization. This is the Place for your Marriage. Big old trees, nicely cut greens and the silent river gives you the feeling of peace and harmony. Every tend has a proper foundation And his own bathroom with hot shower, Toilet, Bidets.

What Documents are needed?
Documents from Foreigner
– valid Passport
– Copy of Divorce (if applicable)
– Copy of Death Certificate (if former Partner is deceased)
– Affidavit to declare the personal status (given in Kenya)
– Copy of the entry from the Registrar (from Home country)

Documents from Kenyan Partner:
– Valid Identity Card
– Valid Passport
– Copy of Divorce (if applicable)
– Copy of Death Certificate (if former Partner is deceased)
– Affidavit to declare the personal status (given in Kenya)
– Copy of the Birth Certificate

    • Certificate of No Impediment                                                         How to apply (Kenyan Partner)
    • go to  and log into your account with ID Card details
    • once logged in, click on OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL
    • From here go to Certificate of no Impediment to Marriage
    • Fill the online application
    • Attach the following documents
    • Applicant ´s certified copy of Passport
    • Applicant´s certified copy of Birth Certificate                                  +
    • Applicant´s recent color passport photo
    • Applicant´s certified passport copy
    • Death Certificate (if widow or widower)                                            +
    • Sworn affidavit if the Death Certificate or Divorce Decree is more than two (2) Years
    • Certification of the above documents can be done by the Office of the Registrar of Marriages,  Kenyan Foreign Mission and Embassies or a notary public outside Kenya
    • Upon approval, Applicant is to be notified to pay a fee of Kshs. 10000/– on the eCitizen platform

This Marriage is valid in the whole world.

The grey colored Certificate is in many Countries not recognized as it has no seal from the Kenyan Registrar Office You make sure that you apply for the CERTIFIED COPY OF AN ENTRY OF MARRIAGE only this is recognized from other countries as it has the seal of the registrar.

– Many countries like Austria & France demand a confirmation from the Kenyan Foreign affairs and a stamp from their Embassy to confirm the certificate is genuine. Please confirm with your registrar before coming to Kenya what is required.

To apply to be married to a German for Example it takes the following Process:

  • German Partner gets his passport Copy certified by Notary Public or by Kenyan Embassy in Berlin
  • Kenyan Partner gets his Passport Copy and Birth Certificate Copy certified by Registrar of Marriages
  • Kenyan Partner applies on  for the Impediment
  • Once the Impediment is approved, it needs to be send to Germany together with notary public certified copy´s of Birth Certificate and Passport (copy of the license of the Notary public)
  • German Partner applies for his Impediment
  • German Registrar may require to confirm the documents from Kenya
  • Once the Impediment is issued, the  Marriage can take place in Kenya or apply for Visa to be married in Germany

(Please note as Germany is a member of Schengen most of the European Countries need similar documentation)
(Please consult your Immigration Office to get the full list of requirements)
– a valid Passport (with 4 Photo copies)
– Valid Identity card (with 4 Photo copies)                                                                                                                                                                        – Language Test like German Goethe Institut A1
– School leaving certificate (with 4 Photo copies)
– 2 Pass port size Pictures (with a whit Back ground)
– Original Birth certificate (with 4 Photo copies)
– Letter from the German Partner (you fond it here as PDF)
– 4 Photo copy of the German Partner (page with picture)
– 4 Photo copy of Divorce Degree (where applicable)
– 4 Photo copy of Death certificate (where applicable)
– 2 Application Form fully filled
– Any other documents you want to give the embassy
At is advisable to keep a full set of copy for both partner that is why it is 4 copy instead of 2 what is required by the embassy
– The application takes normally 3 month until the visa is issued but my vary from case to case
– Sometimes they need a Certificate of good conduct
– Sometimes they need a medical check up

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