Auge um Auge mit den roten Elefanten von 

Tsavo Ost

Mt. Kenya four day foot Safari, Kenya

This itinery is simelar to the ‘Three – day foot safari to Mt. Kenya”, but it has thre distinct advantages:

1. An extra day could be spent acclimatizing in Teleki Valley, walking through some of the beautiful country in the area. You would then climb Pt. Lenana on the 4th day and then descend to the lodge.

2. You can climb Pt. Lenana and return to MacKinders Camp on day three and then make a leisurly descent to the lodge on day four.

3. For the climber who is feeling well and if the weather is good, after reching Pt. Lenana. It is possible to circumnavigate the main peaks. This is a full day and the walking is a bit strenuous, but very well worth it.

This safari is definitly for thowse who ‘want to keep their options open”.

Below the three day Itinery:

Desingend for those who have a minimum amount of time and who want to reach the third highest peak of Mt. Kenya, Pt. Lenana. This challenging, non-technical ascent can be made by any normal , healthy person.

1st Day

Morning spent sorting and organizing personal equipment for the Mountain trek. Lunch at the lodge. In the afternoon drive to the roadheas of the Naro Moru track, to the Met. Station (Meteorological Station),where we spent the night in comfortable log cabins. A giid day for acclimazation, for we will be sleeping at an altitude of 10.000 ft. A short hike is taken in the afternoon to help acclimatization.

2nd Day

Hike up into the Teleki Valley to our MacKinders Camp where there is a spectacular view of the main peaks. Walking time aproximatly 4-6 hours. Overnight Teleki Valley (14.000 ft)

3rd Day

A pre-dawn start is made to ensure a successful summit bid and in time to clear view of the majestic cummit scenery. After climbing Pt. Lenana we return to our base camp and then proceed down the mountaun to the lodge.