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Marriage in Kenya Documents needed

Documents Needed from Non Kenyan:
– Copy of Valid Passport
– Copy of Valid Alien Card, with Resident status, if the Partner lives in Kenya
– Copy of Divorce Decree translated in English if not in English
– Copy of Death Certificate (incase)
– Copy of the former Marriage Certificate
– Copy of Birth Certificate
– Copy of the Registrar (home address and Personal status confirmation)
– The Certificate of No Impediment (CNI)
If one Partner is from Germany the Impediment of Marriage is needed,
the Personal status on this Impediment of No Impediment is Widower/divorced it is accepted with the Registrar
if the personal status is single, this Impediment has to be certified by the German Embassy before it is accepted by
the Registrar
– Names , Profession and Address of both Parents
– Passport size Photo Groom/Bride (colored)
– Address and Profession for the Groom/Bride
– Copy of ID Card or Passport of both Witnesses
– Copy of the return Flight Ticket Groom/Bride
– Copy of the Visa Groom/Bride

Any documents which are not in English need to be translated and verified as true translation.

If one Partner is from UK the following Document is required:

Certificate for Marriage
Pursuant to the Marriage Act 1949
Marriage Act 1949, s..31 (2)
and Marriage of British Subjects (Facilities) Acts 1915 and 1916

If one Partner is a Kenyan:
– valid ID Card
– valid Passport
– Copy of Divorce decree (in case)
– Copy of Death certificate of former Partner (in case)
– Copy of Birth certificate
– Affidavit to confirm personal Status
– Names, Address and Profession of both Parents
– Profession and address of the bride/groom
– Passport size Photo

For the Kenyan Partner to get the Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage
the following requirements:
– Duly Filled application Form MA5
– Applicant’s certified Passport Copy and present orginal
– Applicant’s Certified Birth certificate and present orginal
– Fiancee’s certified Passport Copy
– NB. Applicant to attach divorcee decree or death Certificate where applicable

The Certification of the above Documents can ONLY be done at the Registrar of Marriages Nairobi Office,
Embassies Abroad or before a Notary Public (Notary) abroad, and original Copy has to be send by Post or DHL to the applicant.
In the event the originals are available the Registrar of Marriages Nairobi can certify alternatively, certified copies can be submitted
The office does NOT accept scanned certified copies or photocopies of certified copies.
The application form MUST be filled by the applicant
The fee payable is Kshs. 10000/– for Registrar Office plus fee for certification.

At the time of the marriage both parties need to be present in Person, as well as their witnesses.

This Marriage is worldwide valid!