Auge um Auge mit den roten Elefanten von 

Tsavo Ost

Mission Vision Core Values


To offer a unique and genuine experience in Kenya.


Creating a sustainable environment where our clients meet the locals in their authentic surroundings, explain their way of life and leave a positive footprint.


Core Values


Environmentally friendly

quality services



Price-performance ratio



Buying locally made products in Kenya supports the local economy.

We bring many of our customers to Shanzu Girl Guides Gift Shop during the city tour,

everything sold in this store is made by disabled young ladies.


If you wish, we can drive you to the Zinji Project or one of their shops. Zinji presents wonderful

Leather bags made in Takaungu. This helps the village to create many jobs.


We also take our customers to the new Magongo Market in Changamwe to buy amazing locally made artwork direct from the artist.


What to do and what not to do on Safari:

  • Respect the environment fauna and flora
  • Respect the culture, traditions, religions and heritage
  • Help the local community economically and socially
  • Keep waste and noise pollution down
  • Respect the privacy of wildlife
  • Please do not feed wild animals
  • Stay in your vehicles at all times except in designated areas
  • Do not photograph anyone without prior consent.
  • Do not photograph buildings and security personnel, ask your guide beforehand.                           CHILD PROTECTION.

LOFTY SAFARIS – VALENTININVESTMENT CO (MSA) LTD confirm that all our excursions and safaris are not subject to the sexual exploitation of children or child labor.

Monika Solanki is responsible for responsible tourism