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Tsavo Ost

We are Members of KATO and Bonded trough the KATO BONDED scheme.

Our Membership number is FE/637 Valentin Investment Co (Msa) Ltd.

As Members of KATO we also fall under the KTF Umbrella.

What is KATO

The Kenya Association of Tour Operators KATO, (formed in 1978), is one of Kenya’s leading tourism trade associations representing the interests of over 300 of the most experienced tour operators in Kenya. Our membership comprises, both large and small operators.

KATO’s Objectives

  • To ensure that Kenya Tour Operators maintain the highest possible standards of service and integrity.
  • To provide information to members, clients, and agents towards beneficial relations.
  • To create business opportunities for members.
  • To lobby for the interests of KATO members in formulating and implementation of government policy and legislation.

To mediate disputes between members and trade partners.

What is KTF 

Kenya Tourism Federation Safety & Communication Centre is the pioneer tourist safety management and control centre and we have the pleasure of introducing our organisation to you.

  • Provide a single voice for the tourism industry;
  • Enhance ethics and standards in the tourism industry;
  • Strengthen private sector representation on the various organisations/boards that impact on tourism;
  • Provide a forum through which the industry can give input to the marketing activities of the Kenya Tourism Board;
  • Lobby and constructively engage Government on issues critical to the industry.